Your customized brow shaping appointment starts with a consultation to discuss brow history and goals.
We achieve your naturally enhanced shape with tweezers, careful trimming (as need) and a customized tint.
For best results, please allow 8 weeks of growth before booking your 1st appointment.

Brows by Michele (waitlist only)
Design - First Time Client     $95
Brow Maintenance     $80

Brows by Senior Artist
(price depends on artist experience)
Design - First Time Client     $75-80
Brow Maintenance     $65-70

Le Brow Lift     $150
Our signature keratin brow lift (aka brow lamination) uses a 3-step process to lift, set and treat your brows.
This process changes the structure of the hair so your brows stay in a lifted state for up to 8 weeks.
Think of Le Brow lift as invisible long-lasting hold without the use of brow gel. Price includes tint and shaping.
Aftercare: No water, makeup, lotions or oils on brows for 24 hours after appointment.


Yumi Keratin Lash Lift     $165 (1hour 15mins)
A painless, safe and non invasive way to lift your natural lashes without fake eyelashes or lash extensions.
Superior to a lash perm, this gentle process lifts instead of curling your lashes giving more height, length and a overall more natural look.
For best results, please arrive with naked lashes. You CANNOT get your lashes wet or wear mascara for 24 hours after service. Please plan accordingly.

Lash tint only     $45


Hair by Sasha Faye.
Sasha has 20 years of hair styling experience spanning LA to SF. Her specialties include cuts, styling and hair color inspired by nature.
Through years of experience and continued education she is a master at enhancing natural beauty and tapping into one's inner confidence through her craft.

Book Sasha HERE


Facial waxing     $15-50 (Temporary unavailable due to COVID restrictions)