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Imagine being led through the back door, VIP style to a secret space dedicated to serenity and refinement, accessible only to those who seek the epitome of luxury skin services in utmost privacy. The Secret Knock is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience fusing cutting-edge modality-based skin treatments, exclusive products and expert guidance.  Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve radiant, healthy skin utilizing technology to deliver transformative results tailored to each individual’s needs. Rooted in a commitment of non-invasive, zero downtime treatments, we invite each guest to immerse themselves in a space of expert care and total relaxation.


Our studio treatment is completely customized to your immediate skin care needs. This results-oriented facial includes a massaging double cleanse, negative pressure diamond tip microdermabrasion, extractions (as needed), targeted treatment serums and tailored masks. Also includes Oxylight® LED with negative ion mist and finishing products for immediate results.

60 MIN $225


The ultimate is the red carpet of facials, sworn by celebrities. The ULTIMATE is a multi-modality enhanced service utilizing a variety of the Oxylight® machine’s proven technologies. The ULTIMATE includes a massaging double cleanse, negative pressure-diamond tip microdermabrasion, extractions (as needed), deep hydrating serums, oxygen infusion, microcurrent, and LED light
with negative ion mist. This powerhouse treatment is designed to lift and tone facial muscles, stimulate the production of collagen, and tighten and firm the skin.

60 MIN $275


Renew the skin and smooth uneven texture utilizing the power of enzymes. This exclusive Dr. Loretta treatment provides a gentle yet effective exclusive exfoliant to brighten smooth the skin. The ENZYMATIC promotes cell turnover and giving you an altogether healthier complexion. Recommended for all skin types this facial deeply cleanses, hydrates and provides an instant glow! The ENZYMATIC facial includes the perfect starter peel for anyone wanting to begin their better skin journey. Extractions performed as necessary, includes LED light with negative ion mist.

60 MIN $250


The ALL-IN treatment is the finest method of skin refinement with zero downtime. This treatment uses all modalities the Oxylight® machine offers to address every skin concern. Each product is hand-selected by your skin expert for unparalleled efficacy and transformative results. The ALL-IN includes a massaging double cleanse, negative pressure diamond tip microdermabrasion for face and entire eye area (yes eyelids too), extractions (as needed), lymphatic drainage, hydrating serums with oxygen infusion, ultrasound with LED, microcurrent with LED, combined microcurrent and ultrasound for face and eyes, radio frequency and LED light with negative ion mist. Massage is incorporated throughout to promote deep relaxation while your skin regains luminosity and vitality. The ALL-IN treatment is an unforgettable sensory experience delivering transformative results with zero downtime.

90 MIN $650


It's business time. The PEEL starts with a massaging double cleanse, then a powerful peel. We use three potent acids (salicylic, glycolic, and lactic) to help minimize the appearance of dull and uneven skin revealing a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion.  This quick and down to business peel-based facial addresses fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring and pigmentation. No retinols, no acids or exfoliating products one week prior to service. Must have previously booked a full facial service and had a skin analysis to book the PEEL.

30 MIN $150


We are here to answer your questions. Call or text Tuesday through Friday during normal business hours or click the button below to send an email. New clients please give us 24 hours to respond.